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Built in 1810 as a tavern/stage coach stop by John
Gilger, this handsome stone building in Bear Gap
(Northumberland Co PA) is currently known as the CQ
Mc Williams house.  Mc Williams gained prominence
as the founder of the Roaring Spring Water co (now
part of Aqua America) who have owned the house for
decades.  Kelly and I were asked to investigate the
place by Pat Burke, a friend who works for that co.
Kelly senses the presence of at least 2, perhaps 3
"intelligent" spirits, one an "unliked" man who had been
trapper and was mauled by a bear and the other a child
who she feels was smothered by a sibling, (a local
historian later confirmed a young man died in his sleep
here) The type of activity reported by former residents
seems to suggest there are indeed intelligent spirits
here. Several EVPs weer captured, the most profound
After taking down my camcorder on the second floor
(on which a fresh 4 hour battery failed after an hour!),
I was saying "Thank you" and preparing to leave.  A
voice, heavily accented, evidently says
"Get out a my
and shortly after, a clearly different child-like
voice says something like "Oh, Yeah".  (Does the
accented voice confirm an immigrant, such as the
original builder, John Gilger, who came from Germany
at age 21?)
The notorious old furnace in the basement of Alfred's
Victorian in Middletown where "Emma" is (some say)
said to have met her demise by throwing herself into
it.  Kelly and John have found nothing to substantiate
this "legend" but additional evidence that suggests
Emma and at least one other spirit haunt this place is
increasing with a number of recent voices captured.
Both Kelly and John's recorders captured this bit of
laughter in the basement (Kelly's version is heard
here)  Another place
she captured laughter is in ladies
on the second floor, where a bowl of potpourri
flying through the air once sent a patron from the
room screaming.  Following a "Dinner with a Psychic"
at Alfreds on April 26, Kelly was doing a reading in the
closed off Flamette Room for one of 2 employees left
in the restaurant. The other was downstairs, and John
had just witnessed a strange flash in the Magnolia
room.  Shortly, he then
HEARD a voice next to him
clearly saying "Hey", but of course there was NO
ONE; his recorder was on and this was captured on
tape, with John then mentioning he had just HEARD a
voice.  To date, this is the second "disemembodied"
voice he has heard at Alfred's, the first being several
years ago when after letting Kelly's Uncle Cecil
Downing out the front door after a late night of TV
filming, a raspy female voice told him "Don't shut the
(inner) door!" (Unfortunatley, he did not have his
recorder on at that time)
During a recent Investigation, Kelly and John captured
over a dozen EVPs on both audio recorders and video
at Alfred's where the spiritis have suddenly become
much more "talkative" - more to come on this
fascinating and wonderful resturant!  
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including the classic "Emma" photo, click here)
Left: In the old receiving vault at the Harrisburg Cemetery, Kelly
Weaver recorded this response to her question of
"how did you die"
while using the Frank's Box Device.  Cemetery historian John Bry (Rt
in photo) upon hearing it, confirmed that several people buried there
indeed died of "Gangrene". I feel the chances that this was just a
random comment about disease almost unheard of today picked up
during frequency sampling are much less than those that this was
indeed a spirit in a cemetery with many 200+ year old graves. - JDW
Oct 07 This clear EVP was captured during a
reading by Kelly when she was trying to think of a
word when "someone" gave here help from the
other side.  Kelly and her female client were the
only ones present. Listen for
the male voice
anticipate the word (always)
Kelly is seeking!
RT: Office in the Lancaster Elks club
where the club secretary was found dead
years ago.  His apparition has been seen in
the club (along with 2 females, one a
woman in a blue dress who "followed"
Kelly during the investigation.)  Although
the male died in this room, the
response to asking for a name recorded
here seems to be female in nature. Rick
Fisher, Kelly and other SSP members also
recorded various EVPs in this expansive
old building, part of which had been a
private home. - JDW