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P A G E  1 -  Carlisle Barracks, Enoch Brown Massacre Site
(As we continue to build the new SSP site, initial photo/EVP  postings will be of a more recent nature;
eventually, all of the best photos from the old CGF site will be added.)
Another example of how correlating evidence makes a storng point for a particular
image being paranormal in nature. This was taken by John Weaver on Halloween
Night (10/31/03) at the stairs leading to the old basement morgue at Carlisle
Barracks.  The Trifield Meter had just been set off by an EM field increase and
this photo was taken within 1-2 seconds a faint mist is seen around the door and
above the meter on the ground.  A reading with the thermal scanner then showed a
drop of approx 18 deg. F below ambient temperature.  A few moments later,
of female child's voice was then recorded at the bottom of the stairs.  In 2001,
Kelly and John Weaver  experienced strange events in this area including a
sensation that caused Kelly's sensitivities to "overload" and John's new slave
flash batteries to immediately fail.  SSP member Allen Campbell works at the
historic Army post and is the author of
Ghosts at Carlisle Barracks/US Army
War College
.  The old morgue seen here is just one of dozens of areas where
paranormal activity has been reported here over the years.  Allen frequently gives
tours of the facility, which is likely second only to Gettysburg in regards to
reports of ghosts and hauntings in the midstate PA region.
Outside Greencastle PA, a small park in a grove of trees
commemorates a massacre from the days this was the frontier.
On July 26, 1764, schoolmaster Enoch Brown and 10 of his
students were massacred by Indians. One student survived a
scalping!  Brown and the others were buried in a common grave
(rt).  Records strangely fail to name all the victims.  In Oct.
2003, Kelly and I visited the site.  In prompting EVP
a name is heard but does not seem to match any
of the known ones
.  Could it be one of the unnamed victims?  
(There is a story told about teens "partying" here one summer
night and seeing/hearing young children)  We plan a return on
the anniversary date to more research at this beautiful yet tragic
spot.  (Note:  Site  closed at dusk)  
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SSP member Allen Campbell, author of Ghosts at Carlisle Barracks is in this 35mm pic  
taken by member Andrea McFetridge on 1/31/04. This was in the recreation room at the
youth center where Allen works.He had just taken a digital photo and got an orb anomaly,
so he started prompting for EVP on his recorder. As he asked "Does anyone want to talk
to us", his portable radio went off (no one on the other end) as this pic was taken. Andrea
says no abnormalities appear on any other photos on the roll.
JDW's comments: The
streaks on the wall are reflections from the metal ceiling supports, and while his light shirt
is overexposed and may contribute to some of the effect, the conditions during which this
was taken suggest "something" may have been captured in the pic. Allen has had radio
and cell phone "strangeness" here before - I've been with him when it occurred.