The Northeast Chapter of the SSP was headed by Ed Dubil, Jr.
(Shown speaking at the 2003 IGHC with his faithful companion,
Brutus)  Ed and his father Ed Sr. were been long time members of
the group and despite the 100+ mile distance, travel regularly to the
midstate for SSP events and of course to visit the Gettysburg
Battlefield, where ï¿¿Brutus is very well-known by everyone from
re-enactors to ghosthunters to, yes, the spirit entities themselves!
(As Ed explains, Brutus, an American Bulldog, is a type of breed
that would have looked familiar to both Union and Confederate
soldiers, as most regiments had canine mascots)
Some comments from Ed regarding this pic of Brutus at
the beautiful and moving Irish Brigade Monument:  
"It is
not a posed shot. I was across the road, but was letting
Brutus walk around, and he actually just layed down. He
seemed very comfortable where he was. After I took that
picture, we walked down into the tree line and came out on
the what would have been the left flank of the 3rd Corps --
the famous blunder of Dimwit Sickles!  Brutus laid down
again as he entered the area of the far end of the Wheat
Field and Rose Woods. It was as if he didn't know I was
there and was watching someone or many others. I became
convinced at that one moment that there were soldiers there
connecting with him and he saw them. As I look back, it was
truly a defining moment in realizing Brutus has that gift"
For more pics of Brutus at Gettysburg, click here
Brutus with the other monument  at Gettysburg
which depicts a canine: The 11th PA Infantry on Oak
Ridge.  Just above Brutus is the image of a fellow
bulldog, "Sallie", the beloved mascot of the 11th who
survived Gettysburg but was sadly killed during the
battle of Hatchers Run in 1865.
In Memory of Ed Dubil, Jr., who passed away 11/23/06.

Ed was a long time supporter of CGF/SSP, founder of SSP's NE
Chapter and active in the American Battlefield Ghosthunters.  
He and Brutus were a fixture at Gettysburg and other historical
sites for nearly 10 years.  Ed will be deeply missed by the
paranormal community as well as those who support historic

We will retain this section of our site as a tribute to the memory
of our good friend who is now amongst the spirit world himself.

In June 2011, we learned that Brutus has now joined Ed on the
'other side'.  Everytime I tramp the fields of Gettysburg, I
wonder if they too are present once again.  (Our June 2011
Apparitions newsletter had a tribute to Brutus - click here to
view )