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SSP Final Meeting

After long consideration, John and I have decided that November 14, 2016 will be the last
regular SSP meeting.  Numerous factors were involved, including declining attendance
over the past several years.  It could be possible that random events may be organized in
the future, and we will maintain the SSP website as a repository of information and thanks
to all who have been part of us over our long existence.  John and I shall continue with
selected investigations as time allows.

To complement our own fascination in the paranormal, in spring 1996 Kelly decided to
start a group for like-minded people.  With the internet still in its infancy at the time, a
simple classified ad got things started, and as has been the case with anything she has
aspired to do, it became a reality and success.   In May 2016 we celebrated 20 years of SSP
(Formerly CGF – The Capital Ghost Forum) and remain proud to be one of the oldest
(established 1996) paranormal interest/investigation groups anywhere.  
We are so grateful for the many friends – some of them indeed our very best ones – whom
we’ve met through SSP and our overall involvement in the paranormal.  Thanks to SSP we’
ve also explored some very strange places, and likewise met some very strange people!  

Be you a long time member, or someone who just discovered us recently, we extend
sincere appreciation for your support and sharing our interest.  As Albert Einstein said,
“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true
art and science.”  Thank you for being part of our quest! - Kelly and John Weaver  

Hear Kelly Weaver's recent interview on unnormal paranormal
SSP Supports the
National Museum of
Mysteries and
Research Center (Click
on logo @ Left  for
Right - From Troy Taylor's Annual "Haunted Overnight Excursions" to
Gettysburg: For several years, John & Kelly Weaver, Rene Kruse and
other Gettysburg regulars assist Troy when he brings a tour each
spring.  Shown at the 24th MI monument on 4/26/08 are SSP's John &
Kelly Weaver and Craig & Melissa Telesha, AGS' Rene Kruse, CAIPRS
Derek Bartlett & AGS Founder Troy Taylor.
RT: From the 2007"Fright Night" hosted by Rick Fisher at the Railroad House in
SSP Founders Kelly & John Weaver present PSP founder Rick
Fisher with the 2007 "Spirit Award" in recognition of his support of SSP and
the high standards he has brought to paranormal reseach and investigation.
Left: Rosemary Ellen Guiley signs a copy of her "Encyclopedia of Ghosts &
for Kelly during a recent "S.E.A.R.C.H." lecture with Dr. David Jacobs.  
Kelly and Rick Fisher both appear in this edition and were presented with
copies.  Note the eerie spector of the late Phil Klass lurking in the background!  
For more on Rosemary and her outstanding work as an author/researcher, visit