Spirit Society of PA - "Older" Pics/Stories/Etc.
(This section is gradually being updated to include some of the best material from the old
C.G.F. Site accumlated since 1996)
Alfred's Victorian, Middletown Pa. This 35mm pic was taken by Pamm, Alfred's daughter and now a co-owner of the restaurant.  
Late on a Saturday evening, Pamm gathered the staff for a group portrait and the resulting image is one of the best we have seen. It
defies any rational explanation, but is consistent with reports of ghostly activity here that Pamm and her family have experienced
ever since Alfred began renovations prior to opening the restaurant in the early 1970s. The most active spirit here is believed to be
"Emma", the second wife of Simon Cameron Young who purchased the mansion in 1902. (She died in 1948)  Characteristics of a
true "intelligent haunting" - items being moved, electronics affected, unseen voices and the sudden scent of  lavender - are attributed
to her presence.  Kelly and her late Uncle Cecil, a long-time Middletown resident, both feel Emma is a harmless spirit, attached to
the house and at times wanting to show the living she is still in charge.  Examples of this include an incident during one of the many
"Haunted Dining" events Kelly has hosted, where a patron came running out of the ladies' room visibly distraught after witnessing a
bowl of potpourri lift up and fly across the room.  John Weaver has had his own encounter with "Emma":  Late one evening he had
gone down to let Uncle Cecil out; besides him, only a cameraman from a local ABC station, Kelly and Pamm remained - they were
all upstairs. After locking the outer door behind Uncle Cecil, he then began to shut the inner vestibule door when a raspy female
voice was heard, imploring him
"Don't shut the door!" As John admits: "I felt pretty silly running upstairs to be greeted by Kelly
and Pamm asking why I looked so, uh, frightened. I did gather some equipment and returned to the area but did not get anything on
film or tape. It is one thing to hear ghostly EVP that you have recorded but when you actually are spoken to and there is no living
person anywhere near it is really quite unnerving!"
UPDATE: on 10/13/04, during a late evening investigation prior to the 10/20 "Haunted Dining" Event, John captured EVP which
actually mentions Emma's name - it seems to be a male voice and was captured in the upstairs room where Kelly feels a banker who
once bought the home from the heavily in-debt original owner is prominent.
Click to hear him confirm "Emma is Here!" Also
in the same area,
a voice saying "Out" is heard after John took a photo (the "beeps" of his digital camera are heard first).  Alfred's
constantly wins awards for its food, wine and atmosphere -- you will be hard pressed to find a more romantic setting anywhere!  
Haunted Dining events hosted by Kelly and John Weaver of the SSP are held during the Halloween season; other events throughout
the year.  For details on one of our favorite places, visit

UPDATE In November 2008 SSP investigative teams spend several hours at Alfred's on a Saturday
night. Click on the link below for the Dec. 2008 Newsletter which relates stories from a very "active"
evening there.
Dec. 08 SSP Newsletter details our most recent (Nov 08) investigation at Alfred's.
A few EVPs were recorded; perhaps the clearest was this one from the Flamette Room (click to listen)
Asylum Apparitions on a Polaroid (Left)
Brian Kromer shared this picture at our 2002
Conference;  it was voted best paranrormal image.
Taken at a state-run mental institution in
Allentown, PA by his uncle in 1971, with Brian's
grandmother (left), his grandfather (center) and his
grandmother's brother (right), who was an inmate
at the institution at that time. It was stored after
his grandmother's death and Brian discoverd it. I've
shared it with a retired professional photographer
(who is also familiar with Polaroid from using it for
layout/comp shots) who agrees with my
observations: The figures on the left and at center
materialize in front of the living people and the
figure on the right does not, staying behind them.
Even if it were a double exposure, (with a
Polaroid?) there would be background details
behind the misty figures and there is no trace of
Jim Luehrs recalls having a Polaroid camera from
that era and does suggest there was a way with that
model camera for a double exposure to  be obtained,
although he is not discrediting the photo.  Troy
Taylor agrees with me that the fact that there is
only one background makes a double exposure
highly  unlikely.  For more on this photo, see
Paranormal Mist at Carlisle Barracks (Above) - This 35mm photo was taken on Aug 11 2002 at approx 3am by an on-duty
MP  who shall remain anonymous. The individual was not smoking and no vehicles were running.  Time of year eliminates the
possibility of breath.  A second photo, though less dramatic, was also obtained at the same spot.  Allen Campbell, author of
Ghosts at Carlisle Barracks, reports this building, the LeTort View Center, is amongst the most active on the base.
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Was "Emma" captured on video?
This past summer, I was compiling a tape to
accompany Kelly's lecture at the 2005
ERPC.  One of the sequences we selected was
a piece shot several years ago by Dave
Edwards of WHTM, the local ABC affiliate.
In one scene, Kelly is filmed in the candle-lit
"Flambe" room speaking about Emma.  I
noticed a curious movement in the single
mirror, and it appears a Female Figure
moves into, then out of, view!  Kelly and
Dave were the only people in this room - the
doors were shut to keep out light. - JDW

Click here for a .pdf file showing stills from
the video.