Ed Dubil's Brutus may be the official ghosthunting canine of the SSP, but when it comes to sniffing out
aliens, Ted E Bear is top dog, as this dramatic photo illustrates!  Actually, Teddy had a ghost encounter
in the same room this pic was taken and he was not too pleased!
During a Feb. 2005 visit to the General Sutter Inn, we had some unusual events in Room 220.  More specifically, there is
evidence that a spirit of some sort was tormenting (perhaps playing with is a better term) our dog, Teddy Bear.
We first stayed at this delightful and historic (1764) Lititz, Lancaster Co, Inn 2 years ago and experienced the unnerving and
unexplained movement of a tea candle on the mantle into a paper bowl (for Teddy's food). The resulting flare up singed the
wallpaper (we told the front desk, who simply confirmed "Strange things happen here"). During that visit (we stayed in Room
210), attempts at gathering EVP and other evidence were, unfortunately, inconclusive.
Although they do not advertise it in the manner of places such as the Farnsworth or Cashtown Inn, we have heard tales of
encounters with the paranormal from a few of their employees.  Some are of apparitions (a young girl and a young boy) which
of course might be residual and some are of events suggesting intelligent spirits (names spoken, doors opening, etc). What
happened both during our 2003 stay and this year clearly suggest at least one intelligent presence.
Our room this time was situated on the East side of the Inn; none of the adjacent rooms were occupied on Friday night and with
everything silent, I ventured out with instruments in hand and recorder and remote mic in operation.  Two doors down, in front
of room 218, I noted a spike on the Trifield meter, and went inside. Additional spikes were noted as I entered.  2 EVPs were
obtained here:  One, as I enter and just prior to my voice confirming there are fields moving around, says
"Who are you?" (this
actually seems to be repeated). The other, after noting a very significant reading of 7 on the meter, offers evidently a simple
confirmation "Yes". A clear "Hello" (twice) - either a male child or female voice - was also recorded in the hallway toward the
front (North side) of the Inn.
On the 3rd floor, directly above rooms 218-222, 2 more voices were recorded, one just before I mention a cold spot and needing
to use my thermal scanner. What these say is hard to make out.  I should note that despite having my "scientific" equipment
this weekend, one thing was missing - Kelly's abilities.  With the medication she is on for her herniated disk being so draining,
she has to limit the time she spends in contacting spirits and their energies.  Even without getting too involved, she could still
feel their presence, though.    
After I returned to the room Friday night and began reviewing my tape, Kelly was petting Teddy on the head and shoulders and
he suddenly growled and snapped. The only time he ever does anything like this is if his tail is touched in certain ways, and she
was no where near his tail!  We did not make much of this at the time, but after what happened Sunday, we think we know the
Saturday saw the arrival of several more guests, occupying all the adjacent rooms.  There were people moving about and easily
heard, and thus not a good time for further investigation in the hallways.  We did ask some questions in our room, and  in asking
if General Sutter might be here (he lived across the street and several portraits decorate the Inn named for him) there is a
response, again hard to clarify.
After a long day, dinner and a nice bottle of wine, I slept soundly, and did not notice the strange noises Kelly heard thru the
night in our room.  I decided to leave a tape recorder running Sun AM as we went down to breakfast for about 40 min.  This was
approximately 10am, and by this time all the adjacent rooms were vacated.  (Strangely, the people who stayed in room 218 with
their dog, (this is where I got voices Friday), left very early Sunday - the room was vacant by 8:30! When we returned and I
began to review the tape, we heard the very disturbing sounds of our "Baby" upset - whining, whimpering and barking in a very
defensive manner. It was too upsetting for Kelly to listen to, so I later reviewed it myself after we returned home.
I've done this (recorded while Teddy was alone) previously in 2 other haunted places, the Highland House in Cape May and
Holiday Inn Battlefield in Gettysburg, and in neither case did he react like this! It was virtually continuous and hard to listen to,
but I found a
sequence where a very clear bit of laughter is heard between agitated barks! Just before we returned, a Crash is
heard - we are "anal" about checking things in our room to avoid leaving something behind (I had already taken most of our
luggage down to the car) and saw nothing out of place or askew when we got back.  I suspect the crash might even have been
him lunging toward someone!
On the ride home, Teddy acted rather strange and anxious -- he could not seem to get comfortable. He was fine once we got
home.  Remember - we had not yet heard the laughing recorded when he was so upset in the room.  Once we did, it became clear
that the incident Friday when he growled, the upsetting whining and whimpering of Sunday and strange behavior on the ride
home were all interrelated!
A letter to the Innkeepers asking if any other guests with dogs have reported anything similar happening to their pets, indicated
they have had no such reports.  (That of course, does not mean it hasn't happened -- some folks are simply reluctant to admidt
they've had such experiences) I've explained that we love their Inn and recommend it to anyone.  Despite Teddy's experience in
Room 220, we will certainly return, but not to that particular room.  The owners want to retire and have the place listed for sale
on a B & B Inns real estate site (only $2.3 Million) and we certainly hope anyone who buys it continues the tradition of
allowing guests to bring their dogs, even though one of the Inn's permanent "guests" may not approve!
In Feb. 2005, John & Kelly re-visited this
delightful, historic and haunted
Lancaster Co. inn.  This time, our dog
Teddy was the victim of some ghostly
(Click on RED Text to hear EVPs)