The Rose Woods are a seldom-visited area of the battlefield; this heavily wooded area is adjacent to the well-known Wheatfield,
which was actually a part of the Rose Farm.  The bloody struggle in the Wheatfield on July 2, 1863 actually involved most of
George Rose's property.  According to author Greg Coco, more bodies were buried on the Rose Farm than any farm during the
entire war.  (Coco's superb and moving book,
Wasted Valor - The Confederate Dead at Gettysburg, is an excellent guide to the
temporary burial sites and disinterment of the CSA bodies several years after the war)  Many of the "Death Studies"
photographed by Alexander Gardner and analyzed in Bill Frassinito's fascinating work on battlefield photography were taken in
this general area.  Most historians agree that the possibility that bodies -- particularly Confederate -- may remain buried on the
battlefield. In 1998, Kelly's late great-uncle, Cecil Downing, showed us a location in the Rose Woods that he felt may still
contain several bodies. (The suspected location is on the pasture side of the fence and has been marked at times by small CSA
flags placed atop the fence)
Over the years, we have made this an almost regular stop - being isolated, it affords much better conditions for photos, video
and EVP, and indeed plenty of evidence has been gathered.  Kelly normally feels pretty comfortable here, and seems to have a
"fan club" who appreciate her presence; more often than not, she will stimulate activity.  Others in our group feel less relaxed --
it is very dark and ominous at night.  We have not determined if the possibility of Confederate bodies still lying unrecognized on
Yankee soil may be a component of the activity here -- it may simply be the intensity of the fighting (causing residual or
"memory" haunting) or the vast number of men on either side who drew their last breath on what was once just another peaceful
Adams County farm.        

The 2 digital pics of Kelly below were taken mere seconds apart on a windy night in May 2002 suggest the "orb" anomaly is
not a dust particle.  She said there was someone trying to speak to her and the shots were taken. Also note how she seems to be
"following" the anomaly.
The very unusual 35mm photo
was taken in June ' 99 by CGF
Member Terry Krouch. It
shows a trail of lights, which
actually follow the contours of
the land near the 27th
Connecticut Monument. (It is
one of 2 monuments to this 2nd
Corps Unit, the other being in
the Wheatfield itself, suggesting
the ebb and flow fighting on the
Rose Farm  during the assault
on the Federal Left)
Along with the 27th Connecticut Monument seen in the photo at the top of this page, another large monument to a 2nd Corps unit
sits amongst the trees along Brooke Ave.  The 53rd PA, with its impressive statue of a Union Infantryman (strangely shown in
winter gear), has been the scene of many strange occurrences and the source of much good evidence.  Several years ago, Kelly (who
feels very "comfortable" sitting on the rear edge facing the woods) was being filmed in IR video, announcing she felt "them"
approaching  behind her, and indeed a substantial formation of "ecto-mist" (on a fog-free clear night) passes over her from behind --
then returns from her front.  Numerous examples of EVP have been recorded here, including apparent gunfire.  One of the most
spectacular examples of EVP was captured in May 2003 by SSP member Kim Shaffer.  She and Kelly were sitting on the back of
the 53rd PA monument looking down into the woods around 9pm; Kim had placed her recorder on top of the small stone marking
the left flank of the regiment about 75 feet to their right.  After a while, she walked over to retrieve the recorder and heard this clear,
chilling sequence of
"Somebody Help Me!"... an apparent gunshot ... and another moaning cry! The strangeness does not end
here -- John, who had been filming at Iverson's Pits returned shortly thereafter and while he listened to Kim's EVP, a brilliant white
flash burst through the trees.  John was filming at the time and the flash can be seen on video, illuminating parts of the trees.  No
one else was present in the area at the time and the flash has no rational explanation.

Update 5/26/06, from JDW: Kelly and I escorted several people from a Southern Ghosts weekend to active areas in the Rose
Woods.  Over the years, "phantom" gunfire has been recorded here several times -- more so than any part of the battlefield during
our 10+ years of active investigations here.  One of the people with us was wearing the uniform of a Union Infantry LT.  Standing
close to where I was filming, he asked
"Do you recognize this uniform?" and  in reviewing my tapes, the sharp crack of a musket is
heard as he concludes the sentence! The  dynamics of how this was recorded is interesting: At the time, I was standing  beside him
with the camcorder pointed ahead into the woods and down the hill toward the tributary of Plum Run and the old trolly bed.  The
shot is audible on the camcorder but much louder as recorded on my audio recorder.   I wear my mic on the back of my shirt collar
to minimize picking up my  breathing, thus it was facing opposite of the camcorder mic... toward the West, where fire from
Andersons' & Semmes' brigades was directed toward the advancing 53rd PA, 27th CT & 2nd Delaware! -- I cannot say with
certainty that the shot was akin to some Reb saying "Hell yes I recognize that uniform, Yank - and here's the lead to prove it!",
but  the timing coming right after his question seems more than a co-incidence!
UPDATE (7/05): During April 05, SSP's John Weaver discovered a
long-missing rock from the pasture of the Rose Farm had
strangely re-appeared!  
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