Taken by a Jr. High student during a field trip, this 35mm photo MAY show an apparition at Devil's Den.  On
one hand, we can suggest that light and shadow patterns amongst the rocks have formed a pattern that just
happens to look like a soldier.  However, I must say I have examined the exact location (easily noted by the
presence of the NPS marker seen in the pic)  several times and do not see any natural elements that caused this
"illusion".  While I cannot rule out the possibility of a precise amount and angle of light as the source, I also
cannot rule out something paranormal, given the frequency of activity at Devil's Den.
On the Saturday following Thanksgiving Kelly and I joined our friend Rene Kruse to investigate a seldom-visited part of the
Gettysburg Battlefield.  Like Kelly, Rene is a regional rep. for Troy Taylor’s AGS (she spoke at our first IGHC event in
2002). Rene is a professor of Industrial Arts at California University of PA and recently built a fascinating cabin about 8
miles south of the battlefield which she and her children visit as often as possible.  We’ve been with her at numerous
events, but this is the first time we’ve collaborated on an investigation. She is a delight to be around and a thorough,
experienced investigator.
The place we visited is the foundation of a house which sits in the woods between the Triangular Field and the Rose Farm.
During the battle, it was open land and the farm was owned by George W. Weikert. Elements of Anderson’s brigade
passed through here and were then driven back by Brooke’s late afternoon push through the Wheatfield into Rose’s
Woods.  Bloody fighting took place immediately North of this small farm and it’s post war owner, a black man named
Timbers (it is more commonly called the Timbers farm) supposedly hung himself there.
Numerous instruments (EM, Thermal), IR camcorders and several extenders, cameras and audio recorders were used and
gathered evidence of some very different types of activity.
The video shows some possible paranormal mist (cannot rule out breath, as it is fainter in the way breath usually appears)
and a possible “orb� anomaly, but one thing it captured that is very clear to me is an apparent volley of gunfire. This is
not the first time I’ve recorded gunfire in the Rose Woods area, and it is around the time when Kelly is describing the
line of soldiers “in tan� being mowed down in the woods closer to the Rose Farm to the North (that is where she was
pointing) —  Brooke broke through at this point until driven back by Semmes (after he was mortally wounded)  and
Andersons Brigades.  Strangely, this sound was only recorded on video; I was also recording on audio at the time and it
cannot be heard on that tape (perhaps this is because my camcorder was pointed toward where she sensed it, and my mic for
my audio recorder was clipped to the back of my collar, pointing in the opposite direction.
 Kelly, in describing what she
"saw", says "... there wasn't a lot of them, and why they were running -- at this point, a crack of what seems to be gunfire is
heard. Click to listen.
I suspect the image Kelly “saw� of the line of soldiers to the north of us and evident gunfire recorded are one of the
countless residual events that remain on the field.  She once again impressed me with a particular description, as she knows
nothing about who was where on the battlefield; her “tan� description is clearly suggestive of the “butternut�
color prominent amongst the Southern army.

Within the Timbers foundation itself, activity of a different nature was documented.   Both Rene and I recorded numerous
EM spikes within the perimeter at different times, and the activity picked up when Kelly attempted to communicate with Mr.
Timbers.  She believes he did not commit suicide, but was murdered.  Kelly got the name “Allenâ€� (uncertain if a first
or last name) being associated with this crime. Along with the EM spikes, incredible thermal activity was felt by all three of
us and documented with scanners. Rene registered a drop of 18 deg. from ambient low on the foundation between Kelly and I,
as I physically felt it move from my midsection to my feet!  I’ve walked into and felt cold spots pass by many times, but
the way this one seemed to “walk down my bodyâ€� was incredible - and creepy!  It was like someone slowly moving a
block of ice from my waist to my feet!  I’ve since learned that noted guide and historian Gary Kross feels Timbers was
lynched -- perhaps confirming what Kelly “got�. We look forward to doing more work at this very isolated and haunted
spot.  (Update 6/06:  Tree clearing, to restore the battlefield closer to its 1863 appearance, has now made this location easier
to find)
Investigating The Timbers Farm Ruins - Added 1/6/05

Kelly sits on the foundation of the Timbers farm house, trying to
connect with anyone on the other side.  Shortly after this photo was
taken, incredible cold spot activity was felt by Rene Kruse, John and
Kelly (and documented) directly in front of her.  Numerous EM spikes
detected within the foundation at the same time further verified her
attempts at contact really stirred something up in this isolated spot.
See full story below.