Perhaps the best-know Gettysburg structure that remains from the battle is the Jennie Wade House.
Ironically, as Federal forces were driven back through the town on July 1, Jennie left her Breckenridge street
house for what she thought was a safer location -- her sister's home on Baltimore street near the Evergreen
Cemetery where her body now lies.  Though protected by thick brick walls, a Confederate minie ball passed
through two wooden doors on the morning of July 3. In its path was Jennie, preparing bread dough for
Union soldiers.  Her death instantly created the civilian heroine of the battle.

Many legends surround "Jennie" and the house where she died. She was more likely called "Ginny", derived
from Mary VIRGINIA Wade. Of course, some say she still haunts the place she died in. That is debateable,
but there is no doubt that the old brick house is haunted!

In 1991 or 1992, I visited the Wade House for the first time since my childhood. Kelly was with me, and
while this was before our "formal" forays into investigating haunted places began, we witnessed something
that day which simply has no rational explanation.  At the end of the self-guided tour through the house, we
entered the basement, where a mannequin rests in the spot where Jennie's body lie, awaiting burial when the
firing stopped.  Though she "felt" nothing elsewhere in the house, Kelly immediately noted a "crazy" male
presence here.  We both noticed some curious cold spots, and after a few moments, decided to move on.  As
I followed Kelly up the steps, something made me look back, and to my amazement, the long chain
protecting the "death mannequin display" was swaying vigorously!  Uttering "Holy S*%$" got Kelly's
attention in time for her to also see this.  As it subsided, I wondered if somehow ascending the stairs had
caused the movement, and tried in vain for several minutes to replicate it by stomping up and down the stairs.
We also noted how, despite hearing several tractor trailers and busses rumble by on nearby Baltimore Street,
the chain remained stationary.  Soon after our own experience, Mark Nesbitt's second Ghosts of Gettysburg
book was published and related a similar account of the mysterious chain.

Fast forward to April 23, 2004.  Kelly and I were doing a thorough, updated investigation as part of several
upcoming appearances she made for "Ghostly Images of Gettysburg" which offers haunted history tours of
the house.  A camcorder documented Kelly's complete walk-through, while another was running in the
basement for the entire 1.5 hrs we were there.  Since that day in the early 90s, Kelly has been here numerous
times, and has felt much residual energy and sensed some "intelligent" spirits, but she still feels "Jennie" is not
amongst them.  On this visit, however, she encountered a presence who was not related to the house, which
she described as a "young man, perhaps a soldier, covered with sores".  EM fields were jumping crazily
around Kelly when she first spoke of this presence and notes the chill felt as he approached her; it is
documented on video.  Later, in trying to guide him on,
a voice saying "I'm ready" responds to her.  Just
prior to this, Kelly makes a strange jerking motion; this is perhaps the spirit passing through her.

Once again, the basement proved the most active area.  Kelly still feels the presence of "crazy, confused male
energy" here, and did not wish to stay too long.  In fact, after concluding her walk-through of the home in
the basement, I noted the battery of the camcorder I used to film her had suddenly lost nearly an hour of
remaining time.  While we were there together, the chain once again showed movement, although not nearly
as pronounced as before.  This was recorded on both the stationary camcorder and the one I was holding.

I returned to the basement and thought my own "strangeness" might prompt communication with the spirit in
the basement, which some speculate is Jennie's father, who was said to have been ruled insane.  The results
of my attempted contact are rather compelling, as the chain again is recorded moving, EM fields jump about
and a thermal anomaly is observed.  Shortly after asking if there is anyone present a rather creepy
down in here" was captured on my audio recorder.  Just before leaving, I made a comment about how its
great to be weird because you can
"Do (weird) things and not worry about it", and a chuckle, "Huh
Huh" was recorded on the camcorder tape in appearant agreement.  I don't claim to have the same abilities
as Kelly, but this is one time I really think I connected with someone, and  feel the evidence supports it.

Some interesting things happened during several appearances we made at the Wade house "Midnight in a
Haunted House" tours during the summer of 2004.  One night, as we were sharing stories, video and EVP in
the parlor, an unexplained and very intense cold spot was felt by numerous members of the audience as it
passed through different parts of the room.  It hit me and seconds later, Kelly, who was to my left. I tried to
track it with my thermal scanner without success. Its intensity and the speed it moved at were profound, and
understandably left several people quite "spooked".  On another night, an SSP member was in attendance
with her grandson and reported that when visiting the basement after seeing our presentation, his leg was
grabbed by an unseen hand and something shook up the tour guide so much she claimed she never wanted to
return to the basement again!  We'll have more reports on this very active haunted house coming in the
The Jennie Wade House
(Cick on BOLD Text to hear EVP Clips)
The most active area here is the basement (left) where many
people including John & Kelly Weaver have seen the mysterious
chain move on its own.  A "crazy male presence" is felt here and
there is significant evidence to confirm this is an active haunting