$65.00 per pet*
(Discounts given for multiple pets)
$75.00 per pet*
For after death communication

*15% of fee donated to Animal House
Rescue or the pet charity you prefer

Readings can be in person, by mail
or by phone.

Note: Kelly will need photos, fur or an
object from your pet in order to do the
reading.  All items will be returned.
Have you ever wondered what your pets were trying to tell you? Have you lost a beloved pet and want
to know how they are doing over the ˜rainbow bridge?  Kelly can help.

She specializes in animals that have certain issues  such as the cat that refuses to use the litter box, an
illness that the veterinarians cannot explain or why Fido is set on eating the furniture. Is it
Perhaps. Are you telling the pet what to do through your thoughts and they are
misinterpreting the message?
Probably.  If you recently adopted a pet, Kelly can find out it's past to
help the two of you bond.

Kelly will speak to your animal friend and give you the answers from
the pet itself. Animals show
Kelly where they hurt, and tells her if their space has been invaded, if they like their food or who they
do not like in the household. Pets can be very sensitive to their environments, and you may be
surprised at what they have to say! As a skilled animal communicator, she can connect to your pet and
ask what is going on in their minds plus teach you how to speak to your special friends.
Kelly L. Weaver is passionate about animals. Ever since she was a small girl she loved speaking to all
types of animals from cats, horses and butterflies to wildlife. She is able to connect to them by
answering questions about how they are feeling. What makes them happy or sad? Are they frustrated
or content with their owner?  Kelly is a professional Psychic-Medium who works with clients and
animals all over the world. As the owner of
Kelly's Magical Garden she not only speaks to the animals,
but works with the spirit world.

She has been profiled in many magazines, newspapers and also seen on national television, most
recently on the Discovery Channel's
A Haunting. Kelly has written many articles on animal
communication along with various other topics. Her first book,
Whispers in the Attic Living with the
(Spirit House Press 2004) includes a chapter on animals that have crossed over and how they
connect with us from the other side.

Kelly lectures on animal communication and various other topics.
She easily reads the energies from the pet through a photograph (no e-mail photos, please) or from
their collar or fur. Readings are by appointment. If possible she will meet the animal in person.
From lizards to horses, Kelly can help.

To schedule a reading email Kelly at weaviate@aol.com
or call 717 737 7623
Kelly works with and recommends The
Animal House's Dog Rescue Program
For a cozy pet-friendly stay in Cape May, check out the Highland House.
About Kelly L Weaver
(With Ted E Baor at Rt... 2 of her cats
Nebula & Slinker above)